dkreadsu (linux systems)

             Select subimages from surveys on disk
(use avodb command to initialize the environement)
 usage: dkreadsu -f input_param_file [ -l logfile ] [-p] [-P n]  
        dkreadsu fits_out hh mm ss.s +-dd mm ss.s siz_ra 
                          siz_de sur_name 
  -f        Name of the input parameters file 
  -h        This help
  -l        Log file name 
  -p        RA and DEC size are in pixel
-P n Select plane n from a cube
  -m        Select all subimages from suvey (not only from nearest field )
  -s        Simulation: verify input data only 
 fits_out   Output fits (sub)image file name
 hh mm ss.s RA coordinates (also in deg.nnnnnnn)
 dd mm ss.s DEC coordinates (also in deg.nnnnnnn)
 siz_ra     RA size of subimage (in arcmin) 
 siz_de     DEC size of subimage (in arcmin) 
 sur_name   Name of the survey (or ALL) 
 Format of  input_param_file : 
 fits_out hh mm ss.s +-dd mm ss.s siz_ra siz_de sur_name  [-p]
   ................ for every field to process